As we approach the Hyde Amendment's 40th Anniversary on September 30, imagine what a future with reproductive justice looks like. There are no abortion restrictions. There is no abortion stigma. We can plan and construct our families without judgement or a prescribed notion of what family should look like. Our communities are thriving without the threat of oppression or violence. Queer and trans folks and women of color are centered. We have justice. We are at peace.

Imagine. What does your future look like?


The specifics:

We seek six visual/digital/video artists on the theme #CANTHYDETHEFUTURE whose work will be showcased in the six weeks leading up to September 30.

These artists will be featured in the campaign along with the voices of other leaders, activists, and artists.

  • Each artist will be paid $150. No artwork is required as part of the application process;
  • The artwork will be published as part of the #CANTHYDETHEFUTURE campaign and showcased at #CANTHYDETHEFUTURE events;
  • Artists will retain ownership over their work and have the option to sell prints on the Repeal Hyde Art Project store and receive all proceeds;
  • No professional experience necessary;
  • Trans/GNC/queer folks, women of color, and young folks especially encouraged to apply;
  • Artists will be notified by August 5 and must submit their work by August 22;